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Friday, July 02, 2010

OSRVs in The Gulf?

I just heard back from Judith Roos of the Marine Spill Response Corporation. She informs me that 10 OSRVs of the Responder Class are currently engaged in recovery operations in the Gulf. Two more are currently en route from California via the Panama Canal.



Oil-Electric said...

You have a very interesting blog. Your entry posted at 5:36AM on the 3rd states:

"The A Whale is still tied to the dock awaiting approval from the U.S.C.G., the E.P.A. and a confirmation that its operation will not violated Jones Act cabotage law."

As a matter of fact she did leave her anchorage at Boothville, La., and spent several hours on the Gulf on Saturday and Sunday, with a full complement of observers.

As an untrained observer, I am skeptical that this behemoth is going to prove her worth. The narrowness of the intake slots and their position behind the bow are problematic. (There are NO suction pumps involved) Furthermore, how is one to trim the vessel to insure oil laden water will enter those narrow slots.

GPS tracks show her movement in the range of 0.4k. which will create navigation challenges that perhaps the bow thrusters will not be up to the challenge of continuous running. What effect will continuous slow turning have on her main engine?

Finally, there is the question of what type of pattern will she operate in; creeping line, expanding box, zig-zag?

All of these issues, with a totally unproven concept, are going to take time to iron out.

This will fuel the mendacious behavior of many lawmakers and talk show hosts, I am sure!

I have many photos of the M/V A Whale posted at my blog

seabgb said...

Thank you for your insights and for taking the time to report your observations.

I admit to having a deep wish to see this thing work. At the same time, I have similar reservations. I also think it needs pumps and a means of sucking oil from depth. Not a major retrofit. In another post, I suggested stationing at anchor and using other boats to boom the oil into it, like they seem to be doing with the Mighty Servant III.

Are you aware of the Renergie Inc. claim. This from their website:

"Recently Renergie, Inc. submitted unsolicited proposals to U.S. Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL), the Governor of Louisiana, and the USCG for the purpose of: (a) collecting the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico with three Panamax crude tankers; (b) separating the oil and water onboard the tankers; and (c) transporting the separated crude oil to a shoreside facility. The three tankers employed by Renergie, Inc. would be capable of collecting 1,419,000 barrels of the BP oil spill; and, via a series of onboard skid-mounted three-stage oil/water separators, be able to separate a combined total of 432,000 barrels/day of the BP oil spill."

I haven't posted about it.