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Friday, July 09, 2010

Interesting Boats: Grumman Sport Boat Under Sail

Steve Clarksen took these photos of me and Sandra sailing our Grumman Sport Boat in Watts Cove. This was back in May. Winds were from the southwest at 15 to 20+ knots, a little bit too much wind for the boat, which carries a lot of sail for it's length. And no, the sail can't be reefed. In the second photo you can tell I'm luffing the sail on a broad reach just to keep the mast from folding over.



discount sports tickets said...

Nice pictures, where is this place?

seabgb said...

It's the St. George River in Maine.

Michael E said...

Where did you get your sail kit? I bought a 1974 Grumman Sport Boat last year and would love to find a sail kit for it!!

seabgb said...

Hey Michael,

I bought the boat used and it came with the sale kit and leeboards. But I think if you call the Grumman canoe company (in NY) they can help you out. They're called the Marathon Boat Co. now. Try them here:

Marathon Boat Group
PO Box 549
One Grumman Way
Marathon, NY 13803

Here's the link.

Good luck!


Dave D. said...

Nice to see the sail pictures. They helped me modify a used Grumman sail kit to fit my sportboat. I ended up with the lee boards a bit more forward to get some weather helm into the rudder. Now I'm going to try adding a boom vang to flatten the sail a bit.

seabgb said...

That's a good idea. Sail definitely needs some flattening.