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Friday, October 05, 2007

The LOVE of a boat!

You gotta love this story. Just showed up on the AP. See it here.

This guy had his super yacht driven ashore by Hurricane Wilma. Rather than take the loss he stood by the boat to make sure nobody would scavenge it. He worked with the government for years to work out an environmentally sound salvage plan and is now, finally, getting his boat back. The cost has been, according to his estimates, one million dollars a month. Yeah, you read that right. Original purchase price: $16 Million. Obviously, this guy isn't really hurting for cash (he made his money selling credit card insurance) and he really loves his boat.

The salvage delay is all about the seagrass, according to the AP report. You can't damage seagrass. It's protected, dammit!

No, seriously, there's a good reason to protect seagrass. I won't get the specifics here, but suffice it to say seagrass is essential to ocean biology.

I can't help myself. I like a guy who loves his boat.


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