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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Got Some Spare Change?

This is a picture of Octopus, a luxury motoryacht for charter. I don't know how you come up with a weekly charter rate for a vessel such as this or how you pay for it . . . check, money order, PayPal? I do know that prices have gone up. In fact, it will cost you $912,079 to charter the 280-foot Alysia, which I believe is the most expensive charter out there right now, as of an October 5 report in Forbes Traveler. That's the part I'm fuzzy on, the $79. You'd think at this level an even million would make things a lot simpler. And how do you end up with $79? I seriously doubt there is an item on this boat, or one that could be installed, costing the paltry sum of $79. Not the tableware, Champagne, the caviar or the fruit salad. It must be for a week's worth of Internet connectivity. Or maybe after each charter they replace the embossed brass handled toilet brushes.


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