Friday, April 30, 2010

Obama, Landry, Napolatano . . . Are They Doing Enough?

(click image for latest NOAA news)

I am finding Landry's, Napolitano's and Obama's response to this spill in the Gulf ineffectual at best and reprehensible at worst. They need to mobilize resources and attack this spill with warfare-like aggressiveness. They talk about a thousand people working on the problem. That's pitiful. They need ten thousand people. They talk about ten miles of booms. That's nothing. They need hundreds of miles of boom. Today they dispatched two Air Force C-130s capable of spraying chemical dispersant. Today! Nine days after the fact. And these planes are sitting on the tarmac awaiting authorization. Where are the oil recovery vessels? Where are the hundreds of crew, supply and utility boats? Where are the dracomes and the oil recovery barges and the skimmers?

The media reports that President Obama has ordered a review of the explosion. Well, that should make everything better. Meanwhile, the environmental and economic impact of this disaster continues to grow.


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