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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Whidden Pond

Whidden Pond is a little over a mile up the Russell Pond Trail from Roaring Brook Campground. We usually see moose here but not this trip. In fact, we didn't see any moose this trip.

The R.P. trail leads 7.2 miles through the Wassataquoik Stream valley between Katahdin and Turner Mtn.; it goes up and down a bit, skirting the sides of N. Turner and the shoulder of Russell, and has many wet parts, including some relatively deep stream crossings. I'm a firm believer in crossing streams in hiking boots. We passed a woman on the trail who had ripped the nail off her big toe while crossing in an extra pair of sneakers she had brought just for stream crossings.

A lot of people bring extra shoes for the streams and then change before crossing. I prefer to bring the extra shoes and then wear them in camp while my boots are drying out. Sandra was more inclined to do the former until we met up with this woman.

Meanwhile, thirty years ago I wondered why people hiked the woods encumbered by walking sticks. Now, at 55 years of age, I'm figuring it out. Gandalf was no fool.

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