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Monday, June 23, 2008


When the Coast Guard and the Marine Electronics Industry forced satellite EPIRB technology on the general seagoing public I was the first to cry foul. Inshore mariners, professional and recreational, had to give up their VHF beacons for the way more expensive Sat-devices. The new EPIRBS were ten times the cost of VHF EPIRBS, and they were geared more for deep sea rescues. They're still more appropriate for finding people who get in trouble way out there where the waters are deep and the traffic is thin. I've been saying it for years: Inshore mariners need a VHF EPIRB that will initiate a rescue response in seconds and minutes and not hours or longer. If you're trap fishing three miles from shore and you get wrapped up in a warp and yanked over the side, the 406 mHz EPIRB attached to your wheelhouse roof is about as much help to you right now as your anchor. Thank you Mobilarm for the V100 VPIRB.


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