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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Gulf Coast Clean-Up Crews Damage Birds and Habitat

As if the spill itself isn't bad enough, check out Drew Wheelan's blog entries (Wheelan's blog link is on the left of ABA Home Page) about birds and bird sanctuaries being destroyed by oil spill clean-up crews.

I don't know if you've ever had any dealings with the E.P.A or D.E.P. I have, and all I can say is that federal and state environmental agencies and departments are HUGE! They are manned by tens of thousands of employees. The E.P.A. alone employs 17,000 people, and the Gulf Coast state departments of environmental protection are probably another 10,000. Add in the number of employees in the Army Corp of Engineers (over 35,000), and add the number of FEMA employees (6,700).

That's an army of 58,700 people. [Bear in mind, my D.E.P. number is a conservative estimate based on the number (3,600) of Florida D.E.P. employees.]

Where is this army, which, for the most part, serves at the behest of the President? Have you wondered what these people are doing right now? I'm sure some of them are working in the Gulf, but how many? How many are out there protecting our environment and our wildlife?

Or is this army of government workers, particularly the ones with the E.P.A. and at the state level. comprised mostly of lawyers? Probably so, since it's mostly what we have at the White House and Congress. "We can't organize a high school reunion, let alone a massive oil spill clean-up. But we sure as hell can sue your ass if you're responsible for the latter."


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