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Friday, April 04, 2008

Viking Seafarers Wore Sexy Outfits According to the National Geographic!

From the people who brought you pictures of naked aborigines at a time when published nudity was considered taboo comes the new sexy. Look out Victoria Secret!

I borrowed this photo from the National Geographic page to make a point about NatGeo and their judgment, or lack thereof, in the PHAT department. (For all you NatGeo folks who might not know what PHAT is, it means "Pretty Hot and Tempting."

The headline for the NatGeo article is:

Viking Women Wore "Sexy" Outfits!

(That's my exclamation point.)

Now I ask you. Honestly. Are these outfits pictured above even the slightest bit sexy? Seriously, if these are sexy, Golda Meir was Aphrodite and Alice Cooper is Adonis.


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