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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Former Captain of Alaska Ranger Testifies

Steve Slotvik, former captain of the Alaska Ranger, testified to Coast Guard Investigators on Friday. As far as I'm concerned, the testimony, at least what was distributed and/or reported to the press, was inconsequential. What happens under one captain's leadership has nothing to with with what might happen under another's. Even if Slotvick was always in charge, it doesn't mean the fish master wasn't pushing his weight around with the other captain.

If you ask me, calling in the former captain of the Alaska Ranger for questioning has a grabbing-at-straws feel to it. Wouldn't you rather talk to the people who last took care of the vessel in dry dock? And how about telling us if the watertight doors were open or closed prior to the sinking.

USCG April 18 Press Release.


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