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Monday, December 12, 2005

A Little Too Much for the Little Boat

A Small Craft Advisory was in effect. Seas 4 to 7 feet dropping to 2 to 4 by afternoon. I figured it was probably OK for me to tow the little boat back to Rockland. All depended on how fast the wind dropped off.

Ice was gone out of the cove so it was easy to row out to the outboard. Damn motor took forever to start. Must have stalled twenty times. I have no confidence in that thing anymore.

Finback was in no better mood. She clearly wanted to hibernate where she lay. Took six shots of ether and a jump from the outboard to get her going. (Bitch!) I dropped my good sweatshirt in the bilge. Forward pump was frozen, blew three fuses before I got it unstuck. Batteries were almost dead. My feet were already soaking wet from pushing the dinghy through the eel grass. I'd left my gloves outside in the truck all night and they were ice cold. All I had with me was a turkey sandwich on a hamburger bun from the Gig Store. Looked like mostly mayo. But -- it was now or never. Tide left me no choice. Couldn't get back to shore now.

I plugged in the laptop, rigged a tow line, and got underway. Logged my departure at 0950.

Seas in the river were just like you'd expect with 20 knots of wind and opposing tide.

Got through Port Clyde and around Marshall Point and headed toward Mosquito Island. That's when I took the shot above. At Mosquito, seas were all of six feet and breaking. Little skiff didn't like that at all. Wanted a picture at Mosquito but couldn't leave the helm. I'm pretty sure if I'd walked back to get a shot of the outboard, Finback would have yawed side to and the skiff would have swamped. I decided to alter course for Tenants Harbor, put the skiff on a mooring, and continue to Rockland without the worry of the tow.

Best laid plans and all that.

Fetched Rockland at 1400. At least my exhaust repair held.


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