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Saturday, December 10, 2005

I Really Must Do Something With These Boats


Dang, caught with my pants down again. I guess tonight I'll have to move the boats before the little one gets iced in and I can no longer get to the big one.


Dark already. Sucks. Have to chop through the ice to get to the pointer. When I get there I find the boat out of gas so I row back through the ice and get the jerry can. Fill the pointer and start for Finback. Yamaha knocking from down low. Sounds like a connecting rod. Better take the dinghy along -- just in case.

On Finback . . . one of those pasty, sticky snows that covers everything. You'd think with the wind that blew, it wouldn't have been this bad. I hate this type of snow on the boat. Only thing worse is glaze ice. I'm sure that's coming.

Too much water in the bilge. Have to deal with that tomorrow when I get underway. For now, shovel her off as fast as I can and get back. Dinner with friends tonight. Already running late.

Get back to the mooring in the cove. Tying up the pointer. Kestrel flies over my head. I think I hear an owl in the woods. Must be a small one.


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