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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Interesting Boats: Rough Seas on The Banks

The vessel depicted is the Harvester PD 98, which is owned by brothers John and Brian Stephen of Peterhead & Lunar Fishing Company, from Peterhead Bay, Scotland. These photos were taken on the Grand Banks off Newfoundland.


Rob Cashin said...

Hey there ...

These pics are circulating with the information that the boat belongs to a particular fisherman in Newfoundland (clearly not true). I'm trying to ascertain how much IS true, and how much is false.

Here's what I got ...

"a Newfoundland Crab boat, owned by Ross Petten from Port de Grave ... in some choppy water on the Grand Banks off Nfld."

What I'd like to know:
1. Is it owned by R Petten or not (clearly NOT)
2. Are the pics from the Grand Banks? (it's plausible, and it's where MY info and yours matches)
3. Are they REAL photos or doctored?
4. Can I find a reliable source for any of this?

Just curious :)


seabgb said...

My research indicates the vessel is Scottish and owned by the Peterhead brothers. This is the Harvester and there is a sistership that looks almost identical. Photos were taken on the Banks and they're not doctored or photoshopped. I'm 90% sure this ifo is correct as there are matching photos of the Harvester taken at its launching.

Giff said...

The other aspect that has not been clarified is the nature of the vessel.

The cited internet circulation describes it as a "crab boat".

Unless it is bottom dragging for crabs, it appears to me to be much more likely a trawler.

Can anyone confirm?

seabgb said...

Pair trawler or seiner.

Laurence Hartwell said...

These boats are a pair of senier trawlers built

the picture were taken when the boat was fishing at Rockall.