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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Liz Birnbaum of MMS On The Outs

Elizabeth Birnbaum, Director of the Minerals Management Service, tendered her resignation today, less than two weeks after I said she would find her head on the chopping block. Obama said he learned of her resignation just a little while ago but I don't believe him. CNN reports she was fired. Ken Salazar is on record defending her service to the department.

Birnbaum had been working at the service for less than 9 months.

I think you'll see Ken Salazar, Interior Secretary leave in the next few months.

Obama insists that the people who are criticizing his administration for its lackadaisical response to the crisis "... do not know the facts."

I think the facts speak for themselves. (See my government response time-line in a previous post.)


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