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Monday, May 10, 2010

Junk Shot, Top Hot or Other?

I get a little tired of hearing the holier-than-thou mouthpieces talking about oil drilling as the demon's work. Who are these people? Do they drive cars? Eat fish? Heat or air condition their homes? Where do they think the energy for these things comes from?

I read an article recently describing the offshore oil industry as the destroyers of the offshore fishing industry. Hell, the offshore fishing industry has been destroying the offshore fishing industry for years. And everybody who east fish is part of the destruction.

If you live in a tepee on the plains and hunt and catch your own food with a bow and arrow or a trap line, and/or weave your own clothes from animal skins and walk from place to place like a nomad seeking favorable weather and good hunting . . . if you ascribe to this type of lifestyle, then I will excuse you from the long list of people who have helped make this spill possible.

Meanwhile, the four remedies being considered and/or implemented for the spill are the junk shot, the top hat, the relief wells and the installation of a new preventer. Some experts are concerned about the risks each of these remedies poses in terms of making a bad situation worse, in other words, doubling, tripling or increasing the leak ten-fold. In addition, as bad as this spill is, who's assessing the environmental damage caused by the remediation effort? For example, how much dispersant is being used, how much oil is being sunk to the bottom, how much debris and refuse will be needed in the junk shot?


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