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Friday, May 21, 2010

Good Morning America's Robin Is Out Of Her Depth Here

I appreciate the frustration and anger people are feeling about the situation in the Gulf. And I doubt anyone can feel more angry and frustrated than do I. But face the facts. Nobody, and I mean nobody, can look at the volcanic eruption of oil spewing from that open vein in the earth and claim to know how much it is. That's just plain ludicrous. First of all, everything underwater is magnified to almost double it's size. Secondly, there's nothing to compare it to, no visual reference. Maybe if somebody put a ruler or a pack of cigarettes next to it. Seriously, in the absence of a measurable or known reference you can't tell a thing about it. In addition, by just looking at the video, how can you determine the constituents of the plume? It's not necessarily pure crude. It's gas, mud, sand and God knows what. So, yeah, we're frustrated and angry. But let's be realistic. Ask about the clean-up resources that haven't been called in. Ask about Costner's centrifuge. Ask about the OSRVs and other underutilized resources. Interview someone at the Dept. of the Interior and ask why the government seems to be sitting on its hands.

And one more thing, it seems everybody but the media has known for weeks that this thing is bigger than BP and government experts have been saying. Right from the start I signaled a major alarm. It was obvious. Who needs the exact details of the spill or a definitive quantifier to conclude the enormity of the catastrophe? Look at the slick. Look at how fast the slick grew after the sinking of Deepwater Horizon. The slick and sheen now cover nearly 16,000 square miles!!!!

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