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Monday, March 24, 2008

Update on Spotted Eagle Ray Collision Death

Photo above is from the Monroe Country Sheriff's Dept. in Florida. It is not the spotted eagle ray involved in the accident, which you can read about a few posts down. However, a coroner's report concluded the ray had jumped out of the water, and the boat and its passengers, which was traveling at approximately 25 mph, essentially drove into it. The animal hit a young woman, who tragically sustained fatal injuries to her head.

It's a freak accident for which nobody should assume or assign fault or responsibility.

Spotted eagle rays and other types of fish often leap, jump, or catapult themselves out of the water. Rarely do these occurrences impact those of us who enjoy working or recreating in and around the water.

I personally find encounters with ocean creatures life affirming and inspirational, which -- added to the fact that the woman who died was reputed to be a wonderful person who volunteered her time to terminally-ill patients -- makes this particular story even more tragic.


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