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Friday, March 21, 2008

FERC Approves Broadwater LNG Terminal for L.I. Sound

Despite what appears to be overwhelming and bipartisan opposition, FERC, the Federal Energy Regulation Commission, today approved a plan by Broadwater to build a floating LNG terminal in Eastern Long Island Sound. Curiously, from what I can gather on the Net, the recently dethroned Gov. Spitzer of New York was in favor of the construction. I'm guessing he won't have much influence in the decision-making process now that he's been outed as a spend crazy horn dog. In fact, his replacement, David A. Paterson, who has held office for only a week or so, just announced he is placing the issue on the back burner, until a more thorough study by his new office can be conducted. (The Broadwater plan will require final approval by the two states, New York and Connecticut, that have territorial control over the waters.

When you think about it, it's kind of a slap in the face for FERC to spring this on the newly appointed Governor. If I were him, I'd tell the feds to take a ticket and wait until called.

I'm not sure what if anything Broadwater and Spitzer had in common, but I think it's safe to say they both spent a lot of money on acquiring favors.

If I were asked to make a recommendation here, it would be to suggest to analysts to consider the traffic in this area of Long Island Sound. Forget for a moment the environmental issue, the safety issue, the security issue, and the aesthetic issue, all good arguments against the plan. What about the traffic? If you check USCG archives I think you will find an inordinately high number of marine casualties reported from this area. I'm not saying it's the Long Island Triangles mind you, just that if I was looking for a parking space on a windy day, I wouldn't choose one under a dead tree.


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