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Monday, March 31, 2008

Interesting Boats: Boat Powered by Human Fat!

A lot of people may not be aware of the Earthrace project. Basically, it's a low-carbon footprint attempt at breaking the round the world power boat speed record. The boat, pictured above, is a wave-piercing design, powered by Cummins diesels burning 100% bio-fuel.

In fact, the boat isn't actually planning to make this trip on human fat. Truth is, the captain and innovator of this project, New Zealand entrepreneur Pete Bethune, underwent liposuction and donated some of his own body material to produce 100 ml of fuel. Two other volunteers chipped in to bring the total human fat contribution to a level equivalent of seven liters of fuel, about 15 km worth of steaming.

This is something to consider if you're ever out there and run out of fuel. Instead of calling the Coast Guard or SeaTow, you can harvest a little of your own fat content and jam into the fuel tank.

Leave it to a New Zealander to give everyone a new perspective on the alternative fuels issue.

Meanwhile, nobody's shoved off yet. There have been some delays, and the boat is still undergoing sea trials.

If anyone is interested in donated their own fat to the project, I would recommend they contact the project team directly through their website.


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