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Friday, January 18, 2008

USCG Releases its Top Ten List of Rescues

Here's the list of the USCG's Top Ten Rescues for 2007. Video Clips Here. If you ask me, the clips don't do the rescues justice. Also, if you read the archives of rescues over the year you'll wonder why some of the others didn't make the list.

Top Ten:

1. Coast Guard rescue crews assist with over 160 rescues in the flood-ravaged Pacific Northwest.
December 3
Lewis County, Wash.

2. A Coast Guard boat crew rescues three victims moments before their capsized boat sinks.
August 11
Little Egg, N.J.

3. Coast Guard air and boat crews team up to free a sailboat pinned against jagged rocks by heavy surf.
May 27
Lopez Island, Wash.

4. Working with local authorities, a Coast Guard air crew rescues two young boys and two men caught in the current beneath a dam.
April 6
Bay City, Texas

5. Coast Guard air crews from Florida provide humanitarian relief in the Dominican Republic after Tropical Storm Noel.
November 5
San Jose de Ocoa, Dominican Republic

6. The crew of the Coast Guard Cutter Liberty rescues dozens after the cruise ship Empress of the North ran aground and began taking on water.
May 14
Icy Strait Point, Alaska

7. Coast Guard crews from across the Midwest provide mass evacuations when flooding left victims stranded and in peril in the across several.
August 23
Shelby, Ohio

8. A Coast Guard air crew rescues a woman attempting to row across the Pacific Ocean after her capsized in heavy seas.
August 24
90 miles west of Humbolt Bay, Calif.

9. A Coast Guard air crew sets an altitude record while rescuing an injured hunter from the summit of a mountain.
May 27
Brother Mountain, Wash.

10. A Coast Guard air crew rescues two men so far from shore they had to stop to refuel at a oil rig on the way back.
August 16
130 miles south of Galveston, Texas

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