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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Peter D'Angelo's First Hand Account of Surviving the M/S Explorer Sinking in the Antarctic

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Interesting to note Mr. D'Angelo's speculation about the actual cause of the vessel's loss -- a breach in watertight integrity through the sewage system. Moreover, being that his report is disseminated to us by MARAD, I'm inclined to believe the Administration is taking his cause/effect suggestion seriously.

[12/9/07] After thinking a bit more about what I first wrote on the 7th, which I have since edited, I feel I need to add the following: It's probably true there's a weak link in a vessel's watertight integrity through the plumbing/sewage system, but is it enough to cause rapid and catastrophic flooding through the other compartments in a ship? I'm not sure. The M/S Explorer wasn't a particularly large vessel. It had a small number of private cabins with private heads. Even if half of them flooded back through the holding tank and into the other cabins, would it be that much as to be uncontrollable? Unless something else in the system let go, it's hard to believe flooding through the sewage system could cause a ship to sink as quickly as the Explorer sank. But I wouldn't count it out, either.


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