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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Damn Those Japanese Whalers

Those stinkin' Japanese whalers are at it again. This time they're heading out to take their largest whale allotment ever, including 950 minkes and fifty humbacks. They haven't hunted humpbacks since 1963, when humpbacks were added to the endangered species list. Humpback whale populations have since rebounded but that's not the point. Humbacks are a docile, caring and communicative species. They sing songs to each other. The world should be mortified by this hunt and the Japanese government's continued mistreatment of our oceans, particularly as it relates to marine mammals.

You can be sure Greenpeace and the Sea Shepard will be doing whatever they can to interfere with this planned hunt. I'm certain we will see some dramatic and heartbreaking footage and in time will hear a report of drastic measures taken on behalf of the whales. It wouldn't surprise me to learn that one of these vessels has been rendered inoperable. Remember the collision/ramming that occurred a few years ago?

I would offer a link here if I thought a formal protest would make any difference. Truth is the Japanese government has nothing but disdain for those of us who oppose them on the whale issue. They could care less. Some analysts think their insistence on hunting whales is simply their way of telling us all to get stuffed.


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