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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Somali Pirates in News Again

Four Somali pirates with grenade launchers boarded and seized a Spanish fishing boat, the Playo De Bakio, with 26 crew members. The vessel was reportedly damaged in the attack but still able to operate under its own power. It's currently en route to an undisclosed location on the Somali coast. The Spanish government has redirected one of its frigates from the Red Sea to the area. This happened on Sunday.

Yesterday, Somali Commandos for the Somali transitional government stormed The Dubai-flagged Al-Khaleej and rescued it and its crew of 16. The Khaleej, a pocket cargo ship of 500 ton, was carrying cars and food to Somalia. Several pirates and one commando were injured in the exchange. The ship and its cargo was riddled with bullets. Somali authorities say the seven pirates will be charged and executed in accordance with Somali law, which is strange when you consider the fact that the country -- without a government -- is considered lawless.

Meanwhile, in another attack yesterday, a Japanese vessel carrying chemicals was attacked off the coast of Yemen. Word from the region is the crew escaped.


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