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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Interesting Boats: An Idea in Need of Further Review

The Navy Ship Acadia pictured above, a Yellowstone-class Destroyer-Tender decommissioned in 1994, just might find a new home, or, I should say, become someone's new home. According to an AP report, the Navy was planning to give the ship away, sell it for scrap, or dispose of it, as they usually do with these relics. However, a non-profit group looking for a new homeless shelter has expressed interest in retrofitting the vessel with accommodations and other such accouterments. Negotiations, apparently, are ongoing with the State of Hawaii for a place to keep the ship, and someone, I pray, is calculating costs.

All I can say is, WHAT???!!!

How can a homeless shelter made out of the rotting remains of an aging 642' steel Navy ship be anything but a giant sucking hole for money? I own a 37' fiberglass lobster boat that generates income and serves as a business and it hemorrhages money like a monkey-loving pop star. If the Navy can't afford to keep the ship, how are homeless people and their benefactors going to afford it?

My recommendation: Start small. Take one homeless guy and place him in a 30' wooden cabin cruiser. Tie the boat up to the end of the public pier. See how that works out before jumping into the big leagues.


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