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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Katrina News

Once again the liberal media and a bunch of left of center politicians are leading the charge against the administration. What did Bush know, when did he know it, and how can we screw him for knowing what he knew and not doing anything about it?

Here's a flash:

We all freakin' knew it! Every last one of us -- mariners, weathermen, amateur climatologists, just about everybody who knows anything about wind and waves -- knew this mother of a hurricane was going to turn Greater New Orleans and nearby Gulf Coast areas into a giant sewer pit.

Why spend millions of taxpayer dollars trying to find out what we already know?

Here's another flash:

Who's idea was it to put 1.3 million people five to ten feet below sea level? We should find out who that guy is or was and vilify the crap out of him.

Also, who's idea was it to protect this unbelievably vulnerable city with sand and dirt? There's another dickhead worthy of vilification.

So, Bush and FEMA knew? Like I said, it was plain as the nose on your face. And they didn't do anything enough about. That's pretty much a given too. Why spend more money to find out that the administration wasn't prepared? Guess what? No administration was prepared. Nobody could have done much about it because the damn city got hit with a monster hurricane and it's BELOW SEA LEVEL!!!!

What went wrong there is not worth spending money on. While the deficit skyrockets and spending increases, congress and the media want more reports and commissions. Tell you what. I'll save you the trouble and millions of dollars in the process. Give me a million dollars and I'll tell you what went wrong. Hell, I'll give a primer for nothing right now:

1. The city is below sea level.
2. The city is smack dab in the way of any hurricane bearing from the Gulf into the Mississippi River Valley.
3. While everybody knew this was the mother of all hurricanes (winds over 200 mph at one point), Louisiana State leadership was not prepared; they failed at every level of the evacuation effort. They didn't give people enough time to get away. Where did they expect them to go if they didn't have time to get to relatives or friends houses? Ultimately, the Governor of Louisiana and the Mayor of New Orleans must field the blame. Why they're not both working at a Quicky Mart right now makes me wonder what in hell people down there are thinking.
4. The Administration, and FEMA in particular, did not adequately address the disaster soon enough. Moreover, when they finally got their act together, they were inefficient, wasteful, and borderline incompetent. However, given the scope of the problem, I'm not sure any other administration would have done any better. What they should be faulted for is their ineffectual response to the media hype, which ended up being a knee jerk waste of taxpayer money.
5. All the people who want to make this a race issue and not one of state government incompetence are missing the point and laying blame in the wrong place.
6. People would like to make this an issue of race and poverty, and yes, that played significantly into the disaster. Here's another news flash: Poverty Sucks! Being Poor Sucks! Having No Money Sucks! Not Being Able to Buy A Bus Ticket To Get The Hell Out Of The Way Of A Giant Hurricane Sucks!

Congress really has its head up its collective ass. Instead of spending millions on special commissions and investigations, they should take the money, divide it, and dole it out to the poor people of New Orleans so that maybe next year when there's another monster hurricane the people who got caught this year can afford to get the hell out of the way. Or maybe they should just put it in the governor's back pocket so next year when the time comes she can buy herself a few more sandbags.


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