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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Moose Island

Actually, it's really called Monroe Island, privately owned, about 2-3/4 miles from Rockland. It isn't really known to have moose on it, but many years ago, it had one that came out every morning for about two weeks to sniff the air coming over the mainland. Clearly, the old boy had swum out to the island on the spur of the moment, then decided he didn't want to stay. Problem was, he'd bitten off more than he'd wanted to chew. Cold water. Long swim home. Lots of obstacles.

Moose in the picture above is not the one of the story. Moose above is one that charged me on a trail on Bigelow Mountain. He charged full steam, then went into a trot, then a walk, and crossed the trail behind me, which is when I snapped his mug shot.

Moose of the story is one I would see every morning on one of my daily trips to the outer islands of Penobscot Bay. Until the day he didn't show up.

I like to think he finally got up the nerve and swam back to the mainland.


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